How to Jailbreak iOS 6 on iPhone 5 – Pod2g release info

Jailbreak iOS 6In a rare interview of iOS hacker pod2g chatted about the future of iOS jailbreak for iOS 6 and 7th Unlike his fellow hacker i0n1c he still believes the publication of a well for the end user to easily handle Jailbreaks. I0n1c previously had had announced via Twitter that a jailbreak for iOS is unlikely sixth Apple did with iOS 6.1 implemented additional security measures that hinder the development of an increasingly Jailbreaks. Pod2g is much more optimistic. He thinks that in the next six months, a release was possible. In addition, he would like to make any predictions. It is expected that Apple with iOS 7 again at point safeguards.

In the English interview some personal details are known of the hacker. His name is Cyril, 32 years old, has two children, is not married. When asked what a typical day looks like for him, he replied that he was too busy with around 99 percent of software development. His list of Apple devices is long (third and fourth generation iPod Touch, iPhone 4 and 4S and iPad 2 and 3), a jailbreak is not installed at all.

iOS 6 Jailbreak

Note that not only performing a jailbreak can lead to contractual and legal consequences. Starting point, the simple possession of a device to be modified

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