iPhone5.com not for sale by administrator

iphone-5iPhone5.com not for sale, its Administrator, in this case “Alex” says he answered no tomany who wanted the domain.
Apple will have enough oil, can not force them to justice, he had time to acquire and did not, the question is to see they offer the same, offers no shortage of the webmaster and will surely soon be pressured.
The response to the news was clearly exposed in the thread: “Indeed, I Had Many offersfor the domain and answered ‘name is not for sale’ which translated reads:” In fact, I hadmany offers for the domain and I said the name is not for sale ‘.
Viewing Cupertino pressure is that the introduction of the iPhone 5 is very close, that says a lot, will ensure a domain at the announcement of the fifth iPhone and want toremove all traces of the medium.



Other similar domains have been castrated for malicious use, and that Apple is a tough battle in the legal domain in wanting iPhone5.com.


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