The Galaxy SIII suffers from the problem of reception of the iPhone 4

Everyone remembers the disappointment of Apple in the early days of marketing the iPhone 4. A problem with reception of GSM calls promptly took the name of Antennagate. At the time Apple was embroiled in some poorly explained (boasting that it was the people running their evil phone ben-see! -) And had proposed bumpers offered gracieusement.Vous’ll probably laugh, but two years after these problems is the Galaxy S3 suffers, according to Samsung itself, reception problems! Samsung has taken the front and proposes plans to avoid a problem that also affects the Blackberry or the HTC (more or less significantly).

The U.S. site Do not Hold It Wrong, which makes available to each of the plans considered at risk of smartphones, reproduces this time detailed diagrams of the Galaxy S3, sent by Samsung in person. The goal: to learn to keep your toy. Note that the models released after the iPhone 4 first name, ie the model and the CDMA iPhone 4S feature a different antenna system to avoid as much as possible the concerns.



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